Captivate was created by Jason Lovell after his time spent managing Gear VR for Samsung UK, alongside other cutting-edge technologies such as wearables and smart/connected home devices.

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Passionate about the wonders of VR & AR and the boundless potential the technologies have to benefit businesses on all levels, Jason set up Captivate with over ten years’ experience in consumer electronics in a variety of senior roles.

With exceptional knowledge of the subject matter, as well as other related fields including encompassing products, propositions, technologies, manufacturers, and channels, Jason is also BBC media trained, and experienced in public speaking, and the management and leadership of large teams.

With Captivate, he aims to provide a comprehensive, holistic and impartial service that enables all types of businesses to truly comprehend the incredible opportunities offered by immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

With an infectious ambition for creating innovative, bespoke solutions for businesses, Jason is keen to work with companies from all industries to bring the benefits of the technology to life and solve their problems in the process.

As VR continues to grow at an exponential rate, the technology fuelling this will also rapidly develop over the coming years to enable even richer and more immersive experiences, and hence Captivate is extremely excited about being able to harness their detailed knowledge and experience to unlock and enable VR for businesses all over the UK.

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